Telephone Recharge

Global Telelinks introduces Auto Recharge or Telephone Top-Up; the option to recharge your account from your phone thus providing our valued customers with the ease of use for a smooth continuous service.

What is Auto Recharge or Telephone Top-Up?

 Auto Recharge or Telephone Top-Up lets you to recharge your account automatically whenever your account balance falls below a predefined value say ฿50. You can configure your account to recharge any denomination between ฿50 to ฿1000.

How does the Auto Recharge / Telephone Top-Up work using the telephone?

 Your Global Telelinks online account allows you to configure your account with a predefined value so that whenever your account balance falls below this value, the systems tracks it and automatically prompts you to recharge the account while you are on a call. If you wish to recharge you account, the system will ask you to press 1 or press 2 to dial the destination number. If you choose to recharge, press 1 and the system will then ask you to enter the amount you want to recharge. Once the amount is entered, the system will automatically recharge your account and then ask you to dial your destination number that you wanted to call.

How simple is the Auto Recharge / Telephone Top-Up process?

 The Auto Recharge / Telephone Top-Up feature is a simplified automated recharge process that only requires you to acknowledge the amount that you wish to recharge your account with. Simply follow the IVR prompts and your account gets recharged within minutes. You don’t need a computer or internet connection and you don’t need to call any support agent to recharge your account.

How secure or safe is the Auto Recharge / Telephone Top-Up feature?

 The Auto Recharge / Telephone Top-Up feature does not require revealing of your financial details over the phone and is totally secured. All transactions between our system and your bank are done through a secured 128 bit encrypted communication platform.

How can I be sure that the system has charged my credit card with the exact amount that I have entered?

 The system will never accept any amount higher than ฿1000 or less than ฿50 . Once the transaction is completed, the system will confirm you with the exact amount that has been charged to your credit card along with the total credit minutes available on your account after the recharge. You can also log in to your online account and refer to your account details to track all transactions made on your account

How can I ensure that fraudulent use or misuse of my credit card doesn't happen?

We have ensured several strict guidelines to avoid the misuse or fraudulent usage of the credit cards to protect our valued customers and these are as follows:

      Nobody can automatically charge your account using the credit card from any phone other than your registered phone. The system first locates the origination of the call and then detects the registered CLI number associated with an account. If the number is found correct, the system recharges your account through a secured 128 bit encrypted platform or else the authentication is failed in the very first step.

      The system does not allow any repetitive transactions within a 4 hour period from the first transaction time or the system will block the card for any further transactions during the day. Additionally the system won’t allow any traction for more than ฿250 and a maximum amount of ฿100 per transaction.

If you have any difficulty in using the service mentioned above please call our customer service at 024026608 and they will guide you step by step through the process.

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