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Global Conference Calling Services from Global Telelinks

Global Telelinks announces the introduction of enhanced version of "Conference Call Service" from the major countries of its operations in the most convenient & least expensive way. This service allows you to conduct teleconferences anytime, day or night, without ever having to make a reservation. The interesting part is that you have the option to invite the participant like any other conventional conference call OR you can dial out the telephone nos. of the participants to bring them into the conference call.

Conferencing as Easy As 123

Now you can initiate a conference session from your registered SWITZERLAND CLI with your existing Global Telelinks pay as you go calling plans like the Home Value Plan. Simply Dial the SWITZERLAND toll free or the local access number if available for your area and follow the IVR prompts to experience a rich network with crystal clear voice clarity.

How it works?

Global Telelinks offers you the power of conference. You can use outbound and inbound conference options via any SWITZERLAND phone including both mobile and a land line. You can also use latest “WhizCall” PC client to place a call back to you and your conference participants.

You can add 5 participants for your conference session with options for both inbound and outbound calling. The maximum no. of participants needs to be defined at the time of subscription.

Outbound Conference

Following are the important steps to set up an outbound conference call:

Step 1: Dial SWITZERLAND access number from a pre-registered phone number (CLI) and enter “123” as destination number like any other regular call. You will be directed to a conference room with welcome message.
Following are the important steps to set up an outbound conference call:

Step 2:

• Press * from your phone to run IVR driven main menu.

• Select the option followed by “#”

• Press 5#

System prompts “Enter the no. you wish to reach”

You enter the phone number (For example 919867305555)

System repeats the no. (919867305555) & prompts you to enter 1 if the no. is correct, 2 to return to previous menu & 3 to dial any other no.

• Press 1

System dials the destination number (919867305555).

When you get an answer from the participant, press 1 to bring the participant into the conference room. Press * to drop the participant and you return to the conference room)

(You can also call participant by pressing 6# in place of 5# and system will directly bring the participant into the conference room. Under this option you will not get the ring back tone)

• Repeat step 2 for every additional participant.

Step 3: To finish the call press * followed by 9#.

(At every option system prompts you to press 1 for confirmation and 2 to go back to the main menu.)

You also have option to down load “Whizcall” PC client and set up a conference call. Whizcall provides you rich features like calling all participants in one go and the option to drop a particular participant anytime during the conference call.

Inbound Conference

Global Telelinks offers the inbound conference for free while you subscribing for outbound conference, you can tell your friends/colleagues/consultants/experts come to join your conference by providing the pass code.


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Important: The Conference call out-dial feature is not automatically activated. To activate this feature you need to pay a onetime activation fee of CHF10 and maintain a minimum required credit balance in your account with us.This Conference facility is not available on all the plans. Please check with our customer support to get the conform your active plan having the facility to add conference.

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