WhizXpress Mobile Apps

WhizXpress Android App

WhizExpress is indeed an instant, affordable & convenient international calling option from your Android
device without the need to remember long international calling access numbers.

WhizExpress Android App dials the access number followed by the destination number for each contact
respectively so that the next time you wish to dial an International call; you simply chose the contacts
from within your WhizExpress Android App address book.

Download Link:-  https://www.globaltelelinks.net/WhizExpress

Instant Communication

  • Brings People & Results Together
  • Compatible with Global Telecommunication Networks
  • Discounted Long Distance Calling

Connect Anywhere

  • Say Good Bye to Expensive Roaming Services
  • Make affordable international calls anywhere in the world
  • Pay As You Go Prepaid Calling Plans

Easy to Use

  • World Class 24/7 Customer Support Team
  • Finest International Voice Carrier Quality
  • Intelligent Speed Dialing


  • Instant International Dialing with just 1-Click
  • No data connection required to trigger calls
  • Installs in Seconds with Instant Activation
  • Affordable International Call Charges
  • Intelligent Speed Dial
  • Configures all Android Contacts Automatically
  • Affordable International Calls while Roaming Internationally

How to install

  • Point your smart phone browser to https://www.globaltelelinks.net/Whizexpress
  • Download & Install the application on your smart phone & configure the appropriate international calling access numbers
  • Add talk time credit to your account from our range of pay as you go prepaid plans
  • Once you have configured and validated your account credentials, save and hide your WhizExpress application to run in the background.
  • Check the demo video to install WhizExpress on your smart phone


  • WhizExpress is an intelligent speed dial feature that configures all the contacts on your Android smart phone address book by prefixing the long international access numbers giving you express global connectivity
  • Add multiple locations based long distance international access numbers like US, UK, Canada etc by simply updating the WhizExpress application with the desired access number
  • Ensure that all your smart phone address book contacts are saved by prefixing each contact with the appropriate country code.
  • WhizExpress automatically configures your Android smart phone contacts to dial the newly updated international access number followed by the destination number.

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