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WhizCall iPhone App is a smart phone call back service that allows you to trigger an international call at the quarter of your current international call cost merging state-of-the-art mobile communication.

WhizCall iPhone App uses the iPhone carrier’s data network to trigger a call back to the users default call back number and connects the call internationally to the desired destination number upon answering the incoming call to the user’s iPhone number.

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  • Ideal for World Travelers
  • Zero International Roaming Charges
  • Affordable International Call Rates
  • High Quality Call Connections
  • No monthly Rental or Connection Fees
  • Online Account Management
  • Customizable IVR Features
  • No Contract No Commitment

How to install

  • Visit the following URL ("http://itunes.apple.com/app/gtl-whizcall/id452940506?mt=8") from your iPhone smart phone mobile browser
  • Download & Install Whizcall onto your iPhone
  • Once installed, WhizCall iPhone will seek permission to configure your iPhone
  • WhizCall iPhone App will automatically configure all the contacts on your iPhone within the application
  • WhizCall iPhone is installed on your iPhone & ready for international calling

How to make a call:

  • Go to your WhizCall iPhone App on your iPhone
  • From the application address book, select the contact that you wish to call
  • WhizCall iPhone App will trigger the first call to your default call back number
  • Once the call is answered, WhizCall triggers another call to the desired destination contact number
  • Ensure that all the contacts on your smart phone address book is prefixed with the appropriate country code depending on the location for each contact

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