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WhizCall International Call Back Services helps you in being connected to any number across the globe by receiving a call back on your Mobile or landline. Calls can also be made using a Soft-phone in your laptop or PC with the help of Headset, the same service can be used while international travel as well. WhizCall International call back service is a user-friendly smart phone application Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Nokia & other mobile phones to initiate an international call with just a single click.

Using the service your organization can save up to almost 2/3 cost on existing international call charges.

WhizCall also offer a web URL for all mobile phones other than Blackberry, Android or iPhone to use international call back services with an assured savings of less than 1/4th of your current bill. The value variable with WhizCall International Call Back services captivates one too many attributes for pursuance and here below we have highlighted some of the primaries that enables state-of-the-art international calling platform:


  • International Calls from your Smart Phones
  • Keep the Same Phone Number
  • Easy to Install Blackberry, Android, iPhone & other Phone Application
  • Non-Smart Phone Version too is available
  • Mobile Browser Based with
  • Cuts down International call charges by over 90%
  • Rock bottom prices for International Calls while roaming
  • Over 1000 Global Destinations

Download your WhizCall International Call Back Service Apps for your Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Nokia & other mobile phones and save a fortune on international roaming charges with up to 1/4th less than your current bill.

How to get WhizCall

Enter your phone number to instantly receive the link to download WhizCall Apps for your smart phone ranging from a Blackberry, Android, iPhone or a Nokia/Other mobile phone.

Point your device or smart phone browser to the following link:

Send us an SMS to 12345 and receive the link to install the WhizCall App on your smart phone

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