Frequently Asked Question

How to make an international call using WhizCall Smart Phone Apps

From your Smart Phone, go to your mobile phone address book, chose the desired contact you wish to call, and select "Call via WhizCall" WhizCall places the first call to your default call back number and when the incoming call is answered, another call is placed to connect the caller with the destination number.

Can Call Back Services be used from a cell phone?

Yes. WhizCall Apps is available for Blackberry, Android OS, iPhone or any other mobile phones like Nokia or Samsung with data connectivity to trigger the call back process using their mobile web browser.

Will the local telecommunication provider charge when using WhizCall from a smart phone?

Your local telecommunications provider will not charge you for WhizCall Call Back Services as both the caller & the receiver receive an incoming call with the registered CLI of the caller to allow the receiver to review who is calling them before answering. However, international data roaming charges may be applicable to trigger the call back process.

How to place a call using WhizCall Apps for Smart Phones

Install WhizCall App on the smart phone and once installed you need to register your default call back number.

WhizCall automatically configures all your smart phone address book contacts with "Call via WhizCall "
To make a call, the caller selects "Call via WhizCall" and instantly receives an incoming call to their default call back number and answer the call
Once the caller answer the incoming call, WhizCall triggers another call to the desired contacts destination number and then bridges both the calls.

Are there any minimum usage requirements?

No, there are no minimum usage requirements with WhizCall International Call Back Services

Can WhizCall be used from all smart phones & other regular phones?

WhizCall International Call Back Services currently offers you the mobile version for Blackberry OS, Android OS, iOS Apple iPhone and other Smart Phone mobiles with a data connection and trigger affordable international calls for just a quarter of your current cost.

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