Speed dial or fast dial!

Speed dial or fast dial works like a phone book. You can store up to 99 numbers using your login home page of your account. You can store any number you call frequently using this service. Know more...

Telephone recharge

It works totally automatically. Whenever your account balance falls below $4 and while you are making a call to the required destination the system prompts if the balance is low. If you want to recharge press 1, alternatively press 2 to dial the destination number.Know more...

No switching necessary!

Upon signing up for our service you will receive an account number. a PIN number is given only when calling our customer service support team, which will then enable you to use our service from any phone you choose.

Use from any phone

Our Super mobile service can be used from any touch tone phone* in the US, including your mobile phone.

Use while travelling

You can save with Super mobile from any payphone, hotel or restaurant phone across the country. Just dial the access number, your account and pin number and enjoy the savings with no additional fees.

No hidden charges!

There are no access fees, connection or daily maintenance charges or any other hidden fees associated with Global Talk Long Distance Service.

No monthly bills!

Save you from hassle of receiving paper bills. 

  Quick access!

Super mobile offers the convenience of CLIP recognition so you do not have to enter a PIN each time you make a call. Anytime you place a call from these numbers, you only have to dial the access number and phone number that you wish to call.You do not have to enter a PIN or Account number while calling from these registered phone numbers. 

Immediate balance information!

The system reads your number of minutes you have each time you place a call. 

  Online account and billing management!

Log on to our website to review, manage and track account balances.

How to call?
How to call from Registered phone and from Unregistered phone.
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WhizCall Smart Phone Client
This is most convenient tool to use from mobile to make callback calls.
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WhizXpress Smart Phone Client
This is most convenient App to make international calls directly from your phone directly using the phone contacts
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Do not call Policy
Do Not Call Policy for Consumers & Customers from Global Telelinks GmbH.
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Anti Voice Spam
Customers can record the voice of such Spam and call our corporate numbers.
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