Referral Offer!!
Refer a Friend 50 & 100 minutes FREE!!

How It Works:

Refer a friend and add 50 & 100 minutes free to your talk time!!
For every new customer you refer who makes a purchase of CAD50 Plan then you will get 50 minutes FREE!!, Purchase of CAD100 Plan then you will get 100 minutes FREE!! and Purchase of CAD200 Plan then you will get 200 minutes FREE!! *
To take an advantage and benefits of our referral program, tell every customer or friend you refer to enter your Referral Code into the referral code box when they purchase Super Mobile.

       *Note: Referral Minutes calculated according to India rate.

How to call?
How to call from Registered phone and from Unregistered phone.
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WhizCall Smart Phone Client
This is most convenient tool to use from mobile to make callback calls.
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WhizXpress Smart Phone Client
This is most convenient App to make international calls directly from your phone directly using the phone contacts
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Do not call Policy
Do Not Call Policy for Consumers & Customers from Global Telelinks GmbH.
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Anti Voice Spam
Customers can record the voice of such Spam and call our corporate numbers.
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