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Unified Communication tool for efficient PC to phone calling clients as well as intelligent click-to-call features including conference calling long distance international calls to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more international locations via a range of calling options for a truly unified communication experience.


Global UC Inc. offers WhizPhone a next generation smart phone application for android, iPhone and android based tablet for VoIP calling. It’s solution for communication which is highly advanced, secure and user friendly solution that combines direct calling, VoIP calling, international DID and data independent calling using call back into a single and unique number.

WhizPhone liberates you from expensive international calling, managing calling cards for different countries, remembering access codes, managing expensive communication infrastructure etc. while improving your business communication processes.

Using WhizPhone you can make secure and direct calls, international calls using call back feature or through Local/ Toll Free Access numbers in 50 countries with just a single click from your existing phonebook. It is easy to download and easy to install application that is ready to use after account activation.

WhizPhone SIP client runs on all latest application architecture and are compatible with Android Smartphone version 2.1 and above, iOS version 5 and above or any Linux and Windows OS or SIP devices.

WhizPhone offers & features

Single DID and Direct Calling:

WhizPhone provides a direct and unique number for receiving calls from anywhere. All unanswered calls are forwarded to you mobile. Using this number you can call to any number directly using web client as well as you mobile carrier. Using this number you can make free calling within Wi-Fi network area or using your data network.

Call back Feature:

Call back feature is very useful when you can’t access your data for making international and still want to save money. Using this feature you can make international call anywhere across the globe by selecting desired number from phonebook and trigger a call back first on registered phone number and second to desired destination simultaneously. The call is connected immediately after the first call is answered. This feature allows you to save huge amount of roaming or international call charges.

Automated International Calling:

WhizPhone Application performs all level of authentication required for making and international call automatically liberating you from remembering user account details like Login ID, PIN and access codes of calling cards of different countries. You just need have one account and you are all sorted to make international calls freely from anywhere.

IM and Presence:

IM and Presence feature enables to have free chats, group chats and multimedia file sharing and presence preferences for smooth and easy communication.


  • Free and easy to download application with single account.
  • Single number that can be operated from home, office through Wi-Fi or Data network.
  • Make and receive free calling within Wi-Fi hotspot area.
  • Outside Wi-Fi hotspot area make and receive calls using call back feature or through Dial In/ Toll Free numbers.
  • Provides substantial savings on international roaming and international calls.
  • Direct Calling from existing phonebook.
  • Global reach with connectivity in 50 countries.
  • Easy synchronization of contact in Smart Phone and MS Outlook.
  • Make calls to any device including PC mobile or landline.
  • Free Instant messaging (chat).
  • Connect global offices with local PBX extensions on GTL network.
  • Free International Roaming.
  • Call logs and reporting.
  • Loudspeaker, favourites,
  • Balance information and Destination rate information

Cost Savings

WhizCall Unified Communication Tool from Global Telelinks is a very versatile and efficient PC client with the Click2Call feature that allows you to trigger call backs instantaneously to any landline or mobile phone across the globe for a point to point communications or for a conference call involving multiple participants.

The WhizCall Unified Communication Tool also offers you conference calling with a wide range of features such as alerts for joining/dropping a participant, Mute participant(s) and much more.

Choose your desired call back number etc. for an efficient management of a conference call that will help organizations to improve savings by reducing operating costs, consolidating infrastructure, and leveraging human capital more effectively.

For example, a Unified Communications solution can reduce operating costs for long distance calls, Mobile phone charges, conferencing service fees, travel costs, and meeting expenses.

Organizations can also reduce costs by consolidating communications systems for messaging, voice mail and telephony into an integrated platform based upon the two cornerstone products: WhizCall and Global Conference Server.

Organizations are able to see the positives of Unified Communications within short span of six months with the potential to save up to $5 million dollars per 1,000 employees.

Reduce 20%-40% travel expenses by replacing in person meetings with immersive Web, video and audio conferencing features with the WhizCall Unified Communication Tool from Global Telelinks.

Lower 50%-80% messaging costs by reducing messaging storage costs and consolidating costly third-party solutions like mobility, archiving, backup and more

Reduce 20%-40% telephony and audio conferencing charges by lowering long distance charges and audio conferencing minutes with the built-in Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified conferencing capabilities in WhizCall

Lower 30%-40% real estate & facility costs by allowing employees to communicate from fixed desks or offices and thus increase occupancy density in buildings

With WhizCall Unified Communications from Global Telelinks, employees can work from anywhere with simply a laptop, a headset and an internet connection and stay connected with a full suite of secure communication tools for e-mail, integrated online presence, enterprise instant messaging, VoIP and unified conferencing.

Reduce 40%-60% the cost of communications systems by eliminating the need for separate legacy voice mail with exchange, and expensive private branch exchange (PBX), instant messaging, and audio/video/Web conferencing systems with WhizCall.

Email and Telephony Integration

WhizCall - Unified Communication Tool from Global Telelinks provides an extensible, software-based platform that integrates your existing messaging and voice infrastructure. By anchoring your unified communications solutions on WhizCall and Outlook—the mostly widely used and trusted enterprise e-mail system in the world—your organization can save time for end users and IT staff, thus saving money.

Replacing silos for phone, voice mail, and e-mail with an integrated, Windows-based platform saves IT time and money. You can simplify deployment, provisioning, and management with WhizCall. With common tools to manage security, compliance, and archiving, you can more easily set and implement policies across e-mail and telephony systems.

By consolidating, telephony, voice mail, and e-mail systems, you can dramatically lower maintenance and service costs, particularly if you have remote or branch offices.

End users no longer have to leave Outlook or other applications to communicate and collaborate. They can immediately see others’ availability in Outlook and with a single click can switch from e-mail to a phone call in which they can also share their desktop.

End users can more quickly adopt the communications solution and be productive because they:

  • Sign in only once to all forms of communication.
  • Access and track all communication history with a single inbox.
  • Use a single, familiar interface to communicate on the PC, Web, and smart devices.

Best Productivity Experience:

By giving your people the best productivity experience across the PC, WhizCall, and any browser, they can:

  • Work better together.
  • Work from virtually anywhere.
  • Be protected in a rich, familiar, and secure environment.

The ability to provide a strong experience across the PC, WhizCall & browser and allow yourself to accommodate the different work styles in your organization. From boomers to millennial, whether they are telling a story or making sense of data, your people can work in the style that suits them best.

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