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Long distance international calling that works from any phone, browser based applications, smart phone apps & more. Global Telelinks Super Mobile Service offers prepaid calling plans for an efficient & cost-effective online calling experience for all international phone calls to over 1000 global destinations.

How To Call

Dial any one of the access numbers using your registered phone.

  • System prompts you to enter the destination number. Dial 011 followed by the country code, the area code and the destination number.
  • For example: 011 91 11 23256444, where 91 is country code for India, 11 is area code for New Delhi and 23256444 is the destination number.
  • If your destination number is within the Country from where you are dialing then simply dial the country code followed by the area code and the destination number.
  • For example: To call a local number in Australia from Australia, simply dial 61292992020.

Automated Account Recharge Prompt:

Global Telelinks online account allow you to configure your account with a predefined value so that whenever your account balance falls below this value, the systems tracks it and automatically prompts you to recharge the account while you are on a call.

  • If you wish to recharge your account, the system will ask you to press 1 or press 2 to dial the destination number.
  • If you choose to recharge, press 1 and the system will then ask you to enter the amount you want to recharge.
  • Once the amount is entered, the system will automatically recharge your account and then ask you to dial your destination number that you wanted to call.

Use while traveling

If you are traveling in other countries, you can still use Global Telelink’s Super Mobile Service from any payphone, hotel or restaurant phone across the country. Just dial the access number, enter your account and pin number and enjoy the savings with no additional fee.

Speed Dialing or Fast Dialing

When you become a subscriber for Super Mobile Service account, you can automatically access the speed dialing or fast dialing feature and you need not opt for this feature separately.

Global WebPhone

Using Global WebPhone is simple and easy. Just follow the instructions below to make calls from your browser:

Enter the Username and Password that you have received from Global Telelinks during sign up.

Click on the Connect button and you will receive a message as "Authenticated Successfully"

You are ready to make calls from your Global WebPhone

To call, enter the destination phone number followed by the country code.

For example: +91 99865xxxxx.

Conference Call Service

Global Telelinks offers you the power of conference.

You can use outbound & inbound conference and add up to 6 participants including the host in an inbound conference call

In case of outbound conference, simply dial out the telephone numbers of up to 5 participants to induct them into the conference session.

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How To Buy
  • Purchase a plan by calling any of our Global support numbers.
  • Sign up for an account online and add talk time credit.
  • Our online support executives will assist you 24/7 through live chat.
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