Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I recharge my account anytime?

Will my mobile / landline airtime or credits be used when I place a call using my Super Mobile Service account?

Can I sign for the Super Mobile Service account from a prepaid phone?

Are there any monthly charges?

Will my Super Mobile Service account expire?

Will the rates remain the same at all time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Why do some countries charge a higher mobile rate?

Can I get the same rates if I am calling from my home phone?

How quickly can I use the service after registration?

Is it safe to purchase your services over the Internet?

What are the billing increments for each call?

How do I view my account information online?

Can I use my mobile phone to make long distance calls using Super Mobile service? Will I be charged same rates?

Do I need to take any precautions while using my mobile? If so what?

How can I easily make calls using my mobile phone?

For any other questions, please call our Customer Service Representative at the following numbers:

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How to call?
How to call from Registered phone and from Unregistered phone.
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WhizCall Smart Phone client
This is most convenient tool to use from mobile to make callback calls.
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WhizXpress Smart Phone Client
This is most convenient App to make international calls directly from your phone directly using the phone contacts
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Do not call Policy
Do Not Call Policy for Consumers & Customers from Global Telelinks GmbH.
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Anti Voice Spam
Customers can record the voice of such Spam and call our corporate numbers.
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