Australia - India International Value Plan

Global Telelinks announced the launch of a revolutionary “India International Value Plan” pack. With the “India International Value Plan” one can break completely free from the usual pulse of one minute, and now avail a fixed charge on a per-call basis—at just $ 0.25 charged to call more than 25 countries. The plan is valid for 90 days from the date of account activation.

Highlights of India International Value Plan :

Usual pulse of one minute done away with
Subscribers pay a fixed charge on a per-call basis—at $0.25 for 10 minutes
2.99c per minute applies over 10 minutes
Total simplicity and complete transparency

 Allowed Countries  Country  Allowed Cities  Allowed for
 1  India   All  Landline/Mobile
 2  USA   All  Landline/Mobile
 3  Canada   All  Landline/Mobile
 4  China   All  Landline/Mobile
 5  Singapore   All  Landline/Mobile
 6  Russia   MOSCOW
 7  Peru  LIMA CLARO  Landline
 8  Turkey  ISTANBUL  Landline
 9  Australia  Canberra
 10  Germany  All  Landline
 11  Netherlands  All  Landline
 12  UK  All  Landline
 13  Belgium  All  Landline
 14  Norway  All  Landline
 15  Denmark  All  Landline
 16  Italy  All  Landline
 17  France  All  Landline
 18  Ireland  All  Landline
 19  Hungary  All  Landline
 20  Luxembourg  All  Landline
 21  Taiwan  All  Landline
 22  South Korea  All  Landline
 23  Greece  All  Landline
 24  Poland  All  Landline
 25  Portugal  All  Landline
 26  Spain  All  Landline
 27  Sweden  All  Landline
 28  Switzerland  All  Landline

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice.

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