Our Access Numbers:
Now getting connected with your loved ones is as easy as 1 2 3 as you save up to 95% on all your international calls with your GTL Super Mobile Services account. Just follow the following three steps and experience the difference with sustained superior unmatched quality:

1. Dial the toll free access / access number
2. Dial your destination number*
3. Experience a crystal clear quality call!

You can access Global Telelinks Super Mobile Services from across continental Australia by dialing the following access numbers from any phone and experience quality online calling at very low rates.

      For Global PBX Numbers Click Here

 Access Numbers
 Adelaide  0-871-232-308 
 Brisbane  0-731-234-430 
 Canberra  0-261-084-308 
 Darwin  0-889-867-007 
 Melbourne  0-390-018-628 
 Perth  0-863-654-455 
 Sydney  0-290-371-940
 Launceston  0-363-491-214
 New Castle  0-240-134-046
 Pinjarra  0-895-147-918

Access Numbers For Hourly/ Half Hourly/ Budget Plans
 Adelaide  0-871-232-345 
 Brisbane  0-731-236-023 
 Canberra  0-261-084-649 
 Darwin  0-889-867-008 
 Melbourne  0-390-086-822 
 Perth  0-863-654-091 
 Sydney  0-280-144-922
 Launceston  0-363-491-216
 New Castle  0-240-134-037
 Pinjarra  0-895-147-931

Access Numbers for Dailed By Name Service
 Adelaide  0-871-232-363
 Brisbane  0-731-236-534
 Canberra  0-261-084-339
 Darwin  0-889-867-023
 Melbourne  0-390-018-697
 Perth  0-863-655-457
 Sydney  0-280-147-212
 Launceston  0-363-491-231
 New Castle  0-240-134-089
 Pinjarra  0-895-147-909

      For Roaming Access Numbers Click Here

** Toll-Free

     ** Toll Free costs just 3c Per Minute Extra

* New Toll-Free

     * New Toll Free costs just 5.5c Per Minute Extra

     ** Your local mobile service provider might charge your call if you use Toll Free/New Toll Free number from your mobile.

 Customer Support
 Perth  0-863-654-454 
 Sydney  0-290-371-981
 Melbourne  0-390-018-629

 Callback DID Numbers
 Melbourne  0-390-018-652 

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